Staple Drivers

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Our ergonomically designed hand held tool takes the struggle out of fencing staple application.

The staple driver comes in a range of six sizes, from 15mm to 50mm, to suit all sizes of staple and can be used universally across all makes of staple*.

Each size has its own suitability depending on the wire application needed, from the smallest such as pet hutches to poultry and pheasant pens, through to large fencing jobs on the farm.

The smaller staple drivers are encased in a soft, lightweight, foam handle to maximise grip and comfort. For the larger sizes, the firmer handle ensures a rigid support and provides hand protection during more forceful hammer delivery.

Made from Hardened Steel and plated in zinc ensures a rust free, strong, long lasting tool.

Staples are inserted in to the designated slot, held in place by the snug fit and spring-loaded ball bearings. Once the staple is in place the tool can be moved around whilst the location of staple insertion is selected on the wood. Only a couple of hammer strikes, and the staples should be in the wood firm enough to remove the tool and continue manually inserting the staple without any misalignment or deformity of the staple.

*due to the huge variations in quality, and consequently sizing, of all staples, a snug fit is not always achieved.

About us

We are a small engineering firm based on a family beef farm in South Somerset. Being a farmer and an engineer was the perfect combination to firstly, understand how difficult many farm tasks can be, and secondly, have the right imagination, know-how and equipment to design and create tools to make our lives easier.

Our idea was born from the frustration we all have with the insertion of wire fencing staples. Whether you are mending livestock fencing or making a pet rabbit hutch, it usually results in bruised fingers and a few choice words! Hence ‘The Staple Driver’ was born. is currently under construction so we are selling them through our other Business selling page.

Staple Driver is copyright owned by Historic Threads LTD and is currently Patent Pending.  

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